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verb: to Figleaf.
This action (usually made by a man) involves using the arms or other objects to protect the family jewls.
can be unintentional or intentional depending on the situation.
To cover one's buldge for a photo or other such viewing or protecting needs.
Comes from the use of Figleaves to cover male genitalia in art and whatnot.
"I hate the stock photos of male swim teams. Every guy is figleafing it!"
"That guy just totally figleafed it after seeing his buddy get hit in the groin"
"stop figleafing, I'm not gunna to hit ya"
by Cloudyjuicebox April 28, 2006
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Early in the morning before the sun is up.
Used to define when you must get up and go somewhere in the early hours of the morning between 1:30am and 5:30am.

a time in the am around the half hour mark.
"You're leaving tomarow? Will I get a chance to see you?"
"Nahh, we're taking off at o dark thirty. You won't be up yet."
by Cloudyjuicebox April 28, 2006
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Term used to txt that you are laughing.
Literally means: Bust-Uh-Gut.
You: *insert joke*
Me: lol
by Cloudyjuicebox April 28, 2006
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