a daredevil is a very sly creature, has the ability to hide his ulteria motives by acting like a friend to snake around other mens women, very slippery and very slimy, probably not something you would want to touch
by owned July 13, 2004
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Movie with a good premise/plot, but ruined by one or many of the following things:

1) HORRIBLE fucking acting.
2) bastardization from hollywood.
3) horrible casting.
4) that fucking drunk, ben affleck.
that movie was just another daredevil.
by riloh February 27, 2003
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When you cum on a girls eyelids when she's passed out so that when she wakes up she can't open her eyes.
Dude, I totally daredevilled that chick last night and when she woke up I ran the fuck out of there.
by C.Friend March 30, 2008
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when a guy gets gets with a woman and her fat friend wants to join in for a threesome and make sandwiches all night
damn i was a daredevil with them hoes last night!
by dale April 28, 2004
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not so good of a movie....awesome sondtrack.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
the evil squirrels are hungry.....we must escape thier paths of destruction. run u pitiful excuse for a cheeselog....RUN!!!!!
by loser December 30, 2003
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The best TV show to ever be released on Netflix. Enough said. Features the most badass superhero Marvel have ever featured, who is blind but has accelerated senses and badass martial arts skills, and a badass Greek girlfriend.
‘Hey, do you watch Stranger Things.’
Nah. I watch better shows like Daredevil.’
via giphy
by mrvl1 May 20, 2018
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