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Two friends that haven't seen each other in a long time. One just got back from Peace Core.
"Ya, the people in the village have it rough, being in abject poverty, but they kept such a mellow and kind attitude while I was there."

"I can definitely relate, I was in poverty growing up. Dad unemployed by 2008 recession and all."

"Man, you were no where close to a starving African child back then, with your relative poverty. Absolute poverty is not the same. What?--someone dies every ten minutes from a car crash--when 130 die--of only children (age <5) in the same time."

"Holy shit. Why didn't I think about joining?"

"Mehh, it doesn't matter now. What's done, is gone. You could do other stuff to help lessen extreme poverty though."
by aerodidact October 18, 2014
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