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To do something in a dank matter
Did see how that girl Agnes made that meme?
Yeah dude it was dankly done.
by El oh El AG November 06, 2017
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To complete an action 'dankly' is to do it in a juvenile, almost upbeat manner, as if the person perpetrating the action was high
Handsome chap 1: why look at that chap over there. I think he's high!
Handsome chap 2: oh no my good sir. he's merely walking rather dankly
by themanwhowalksratherdankly January 12, 2015
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To do something in an unquestionably dank manner.
I banged Lauren Dankly, she said i was the best she's ever had.
by Laurensboyfriend January 16, 2017
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