Originally from the TV series "Martin". It was Martin's lady, whenever she'd give him a hassle, he'd retort with this expression.
"Awww DAMN Gina, why you tryin be the kettle thats a pot, tryin to call the pot a kettle?!" (Martin's bastardization of "Calling the Kettle Black")
by Hyper-Z December 10, 2004
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Dating back to the Martin Lawrence television series "Martin" (1992-1997), this phrase refers to Martin's partner Gina, who is described as his "more level-headed, longsuffering better half." Martin used this expression to respond, exasperatedly, to Gina's criticisms or expectations, which were often quite reasonable on her part.

The phrase can also be used to express, in a positive light, shock and awe - much in the manner of "damn girl, you looking fine!" It is similar to other "whoa!" type exclamations that are meant to convey that one is taken aback.
Damn Gina! (works best if the recipient is aware of the expression's context in the history of the 1990s Martin sitcom)
by martin is hilarious February 23, 2009
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Dating all the way back to Martin Lawerance Show, an expression to express mutliple emotions, expessily fustration and admeration.
by mizzladypoe August 19, 2004
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Expressed in situations where one might utter "easy tiger" or "damn girl," as in "calm down" or "take it easy."
person 1: "...and he put his hands up so i punched them instead, and then he like. grabbed my hands and started stepping on my feet..."

person 2: "damn gina! what's up, violence?"
by Rachel January 21, 2005
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An expression of interest or amazement used when you enjoy something, typically something of a musician’s work, popularized by Newgrounds musician, Cheshyre.
Musician: “Hey you wanna hear my new track?”
*Absolute banger of a song plays*
Audience: “DAMN GINA!”
by Commander LJ February 7, 2022
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