4 definitions by Extravagant Creature

Often used to explain a females vagina being dry as a desert and calling them a dog.
Guy:Bro Lanisha A Dry pussy bitch , I Fucked Her last night and my shit got stuck Od bruh
by Extravagant Creature September 25, 2019
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A word used by guys in order to holla at females walking the streets.
Guy:Aye waddup shawty lemme holla at you
by Extravagant Creature September 25, 2019
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She is the girl of your dreams. You can come to Her About Any And Everything , She’s Very understanding And Puts Others Before Herself. She’s a really Cool person But Under That Mask Of smiles She Is really hurting deep inside. She’s the wifey type. She’s shy at first but when you get to know her it’ll only be laughs and aggravation. She’s really sweet but when it comes to her friends she will hurt any and everybody. She could possibly be the biggest hearted girl there is. No matter how many times people fuck Her Over she’s always there for them. In her mind she is just fine but she knows deep down she isn’t . It’s nothing but smiles with her but if you look into her eyes when she’s deep in thoughts you’ll see her pain. One mistake you can make with her is losing her. If you tell her business to the world she would be pissed and it’d be hard getting back on her good side. She can be devilish when she wants so try not to cross her. She’s very unique in her own way. She’s hard to trust people so just give her some time and when she warms up you’ll love it.
Hannah: “Omg did you meet Sharlay she’s so cool”

Dedrick:Yea She’s kinda hot too
by Extravagant Creature September 25, 2019
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Used to describe a females ass being totally in shape and round as a peach, when you smack it it jiggles (no surgery needed)
Random:Damn shawty ass fat on my momma bruh
by Extravagant Creature September 25, 2019
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