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Damiane. Originates from the word macadamia, or macadamia nut; a delicious nut common in Hawaii. Damiane looks similar to the more common Damien or Damian but however, is actually quite different. A person with the name Damiane is usually drop dead gorgeous but is quite shy. Don't think a Damiane is unapproachable though. Damiane, though beautiful and potentially intimidating is very caring and selfless. A Damiane does not judge people they do not know even if many others have preconceived notions about them. You do not, however, want to get on a Damiane's bad side. Damiane is very special and you should treat a Damiane right as they are very emotional and have great memories of both good and bad things. If you are lucky enough to know a Damiane, you are blessed and should do your best to keep them in your life.
"That girl is so beautiful she must be a Damiane!"

"Dont judge; be a Damiane."

"I love Damiane."

"She has a booty like a Damiane! Damn!"
by Grinch24689753 February 02, 2015
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