2 definitions by psycho_mommi

nanette hartwell- stupid as fuck, manipulative, mean as a snake, hateful, vindictive, an all around horrible person. she will eat your soul, even Lucifer himself thinks she's fucking extreme.
person 1: oh we better run, that bitch is flipshitty!!
person 2: damn lets get outta here!! she's rotten, meanasfuck, hateful, dangerous
by psycho_mommi February 8, 2018
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damian is amazingly smart but will never admit it to himself, shy, funny, generous to a fault, one of the best guys to have on your side. he would take a bullet for you if he considers you family. he is the original 420 dude.
i know this amazing guy named Damian. he's ride or die for life!
by psycho_mommi February 4, 2018
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