2 definitions by ur love

a love bug who is just a lovey to all. children named cough cough enjoy touching her body.
oh my rabbi i love her who is that
i know shes a total libby
by ur love April 30, 2008
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Damian has plenty of wonderful things about him. He is a great partner n best friend. Sometimes he fails to keep promises, but deep inside he is guilty. Damian is a very intelligent person, but very rarely uses his intelligences . Damian is the life of the party. He is great to have as company. two of his best features is his style and long eyelashes. damian is a strong person, mentally n physically. We all need a damian.
them : look at that boy, he has the longest eyeslashes.

me: it must be a damian
by ur love March 5, 2018
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