4 definitions by yikes.joanna

a crazy ironic person, he likes to make jokes and he chews on his hoodie strings (my personal experience from damon b my friend) we call him chewy.
me: hey chewy
damian: d o n t c a l l m e t h a t .
me: no
by yikes.joanna November 5, 2019
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ur boo ur bae u always make my day <3
person 1: hey bae
person 2: i am not ur bae, idiot
by yikes.joanna November 5, 2019
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a crazy lil rat but ahe still a good friend she would put random answers for homework and gete away with it

person 1: me
person 2: NO ME
melanie: sup rats
by yikes.joanna November 6, 2019
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persone 1: heck you
person 2: im telling my mom
by yikes.joanna October 22, 2019
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