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a fun loving hot chick who loves to party and reads in her free time. this chick is smart independent and knows what she wants in life. she can be quite but get to know her and your world will be so much more alive. the best friend you could ever have. meet a dagny and youll love her. shes crazy loveable and outgoing. flirty loud and sometimes bosy but amazing!
i had so much fun tonight, there must have been a dagny around. hot vagina blow job
by best friend 10210 February 11, 2009
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Was first an amazing childhood friend, lost too early. She was kind and caring and the impact she had on others was profound. Now she is a daughter. A sweet blessing who lights up my everyday.
I miss Dagny everyday.

Watching Dagny explore and discover her world is satisfying beyond description.
by vtbebo February 02, 2010
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A girl who is young at heart but mature and wise beyond her ages. A Dagny is someone who reads all the time and normally doesn’t talk to you right away, but once you get to know her you see she is hilarious and has a beautiful smile. She is strong and independent, and if you were to meet a Dagny you will remember her for the rest of your life.
The test was so hard, only a Dagny could pass.
by Rosie_246 April 14, 2018
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Dagny is a sweet, loving, long-time friend. She is sassy and knows how to get her way. She can be rude but she is also super sweet. Dagny is a life-time best friend. She enjoys socializing and talking to friends in her freetime. Dagnys are great!❤️
Dagny is beautiful
by Kayla Jenson March 29, 2019
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Name of a girl...well for the most part it's a girls name... an Irish girl, very bright, witty, outgoing, sweet, kind, loving, everything a man could want in a partner, who's the sweetest most wonderful woman in the world, I love you Baby.

Examples can be used as follows: I love you Dagny, Dagny you're beautiful, Dagny will you marry me?
by Adam Smyth February 05, 2007
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Dagny is a Goddess from the Faroe islands and is known for her; Beauty, Sexyness, Hornyness, her red pants and is good in bed. She gives the best blow jobs and to fuck her you need to give her one ostaburgara.
by DagnyLover February 26, 2017
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