Dance acne.
The gross feeling you experience when you are at an intense party and you dance for sooo long that you sweat a lot and feel like the next day you will break out in acne. It is not a good feeling but the sign of a great night out / party.
1. dude im so tired. we were dancing all night i got dacne.
2. it was SO sweaty and intense i got dacne. it was just that epic
by heyheyheyy'all August 13, 2009
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"it was the nastiest thing ever, he had dacne"
by Yafavcatlady December 10, 2016
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Dick acne; prominent in junior and senior boys.
Joia: OMG I'm so mad that Harry Stephenson showed those eighth graders his dacne !!
Joias whore friend: *ive already seen his Dacne but I won't say anything* OMG seriously?!
by Hdhjdjsjskslalkcpapama December 21, 2016
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To act like you are dancing when in truth you are flirting.
by Iltrias October 7, 2017
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The most sweetest girl you will ever meet. When you look at Dacne you might think to yourself wow she is beautiful. People love Dacne because of how sweet she is so remember to treat a Dacne right or she will throw apple sauce at you.
Dammmnnnnn Dacne just sprayed apple sauce on me because i accidentally put a fry in her food what an abusive person surely she wouldn't do it again.
by TheMethodMan November 30, 2021
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Dacne:when your dog has pimples on it’s face.that nigga got dance
by bootythicc69420 May 8, 2020
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