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koneko is a creature of outstanding beauty and has great ability to love over huge distances spanning the globe
by ZaPpeh April 20, 2005
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The balls of clingon poo you get on the man hair around the anus
"man these chud nuts are hurting my butt"
by ZaPpeh April 23, 2003
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Oh my, look at that G0g devour that cucumber!
by ZaPpeh September 25, 2003
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A saddo Buffy/other us tv show fanboy. Also an old geek who fancys ppl like Avril Lavigne and Dawn from Buffy, creepy...
omg that d2 dude got arrested for underaged liasons...
by ZaPpeh October 24, 2003
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QuakeWorld Team Fortress
The original Fortress mod of quake
The team went over to valve and wrote TFC for the halflife engine
QWTF was the best version of this mod and probably always will be
QWTF is the original and best version as TFC (spit) sux
by ZaPpeh September 9, 2004
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Totally insane person, usually bearded with a disregard for trolls but a love of goats
I am positvely sure Bazerka just nuked that troll!
by ZaPpeh September 29, 2003
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