Euphemistic spelling of dick.
His name was D*ck and he had a big d*ck, but he was such a d*ck.
by Don't Be A Richard October 21, 2014
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During the month of December between the 2nd-24th girls can get revenge for slap ass October by kicking boys back. Sucks to be a man in December doesn’t it 💔
Lily: Did you hear it’s kick d*ck December!

Jemma: Yes! It’s time for revenge
by chileanyways October 03, 2020
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National Grab a D*ck Day is a day where women get to ass*ult men because men love to do that to women. Men, you are the problem.
oh shii I heard April 24th was national rape all women day

well on April 25th: National Grab a D*ck Day
by olive00043 April 19, 2021
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National D!ck Cutting Day takes place on April 24th, on this day it shall be legal to cut the genitals of any man who touches you not consensually. sharpen your weapons ladies, gents and gentleladies, we ride at dawn.
Did you know it’s National D!ck Cutting Day? I hope you brought your knife it’s going to be bloody!
by die potato April 20, 2021
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On June 14 of every year is decimate your dick day in which you must nut 5 times or more in one day to pass the test
Oh no bro its Decimate your d*ck day tomorrow
by Habe December 19, 2020
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