Euphemistic spelling of dick.
His name was D*ck and he had a big d*ck, but he was such a d*ck.
by Don't Be A Richard October 22, 2014
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During the month of December between the 2nd-24th girls can get revenge for slap ass October by kicking boys back. Sucks to be a man in December doesn’t it 💔
Lily: Did you hear it’s kick d*ck December!

Jemma: Yes! It’s time for revenge
by chileanyways October 3, 2020
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On June 14 of every year is decimate your dick day in which you must nut 5 times or more in one day to pass the test
Oh no bro its Decimate your d*ck day tomorrow
by Habe December 20, 2020
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National Grab a D*ck Day is a day where women get to ass*ult men because men love to do that to women. Men, you are the problem.
oh shii I heard April 24th was national rape all women day

well on April 25th: National Grab a D*ck Day
by olive00043 April 19, 2021
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