LDE, not to be confused with LED, is little dick energy. A guy with little dick energy will usually be a masturliker since nobody else likes his post, and will forcefully make a female tell him how he has the biggest penis she ever saw in her life when really the only thing she sees is that he has plenty of little dick energy to go with his tiny genitals.
The guy needs his ego stroked a little, well a lot actually, so his LDE would never be confused with BDE.
by Solid Mantis July 13, 2018
Scenario: Instant Message at work.

User1: Dude, LDE.

User 2: Totally.
by beeerube April 15, 2009
Damn that bitch had the LDE!!

Good from far, although far from good!
by i have a pen August 29, 2008
"lde" is an german shortcut for: liebe dich endless!
see you tomorrow, lde, gn8...!!!
by xxsebixx May 5, 2007