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A recent migrant that espouses an irrationally right-wing conservative agenda - ostensibly against the interests of their own ethnic group - because they yearn for acceptance from the broader community. Facts and rational political argument are always subordinate to this emotional bias. They impugn the integrity of liberals who sincerely hold opposing beliefs. This is all in a transparent bid to establish rapport with those they believe to be culturally superior. Their resulting adulation among the right-wing base propels the d'souza to turbo-charge their ideology machine and, in turn, be used as a politically-expedient totem.
This Fox News debate on immigration is completely d'souza.
by Anthropologygasm November 04, 2013
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A notorious tribe from West India with a very strong portugese heritage, in fact almost catergorically Iberian. Also known for sizzling football skills including Ronaldinho's true birth place. Well known for migrating to the British Isles, to rinse blighty at their own game.
D'Souza, as in any d'souza surnames, e.g. ryan D'souza, sick footballers
by lordbare November 07, 2005
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