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A completely platonic, heterosexual event whereby two men defecate in the same toilet at the same time. As the bottom member of the stack, it is important to observe a proper tucking technique, lest an embarrassing and unsightly mess ensue. Once a double stack partnership is established, it shall persist for the duration of the bottom member of the stack's terrestrial life. Once the bottom stack member passes, the top member is free to pursue a new partnership, excepting that the new bottom member is related to the previous by marriage. A widowed bottom stack member forfeits their freedom to establish a new partnership.
Brian and Josh were a feared duo. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, their bodies working in perfect accord. Their office knew not to fuck with their double stack.
by von dildus August 11, 2008
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Putting two hits of ecstasy into one pill for a higher price that will have a greater effect.
T-mac: that girl just took a double stack of e.
by fish121 June 06, 2006
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A gimmick used by E dealers when they sell to idiots.
The dealer claims that the pill is "double stacked", ie contains twice the amount of MDMA and sells it for a higher price.

It's a lie used to shift more pills and pull in more profit.

Double stacked pills often are slightly larger, because they contain twice the amount of filler.
If you buy double stacked pills frequently, get off E and go back to pot. Hard drugs should only be used when you know how they work and what they do.
by EIAC May 18, 2009
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The art of dropping a deuce over a previous deuce that has clogged a toilet. The act of double stacking most frequently occurs during emergencies and is generally considered bad form.
Bill could not hold the deuce brewing inside him and his only option was to use the clogged toilet in the hotel room he was sharing. Bill ended up double stacking in the toilet.
by Heath McRigsby July 25, 2006
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The act of taking a shit in a toilet already filled with shit because either
A.) It has become clogged or
B.) You're having a Double Stacking contest
J: Man, I was at Ray's the other night and had to take a monster shit, but when I got to the bathroom, the only toilet was already full of putrid shit!
DOOKIE: NO! What'd you do man?
J: Well I tried to flush it, but it just spun around a bit. There was no way I was gonna make it home without squirting all over myself.
DOOKIE: Dude, tell me you didn't....
J: Yep, I just Double Stacked it.
by The Cheetah Dude July 13, 2005
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An act that requires one man to sit on another man's lap, naked.
The man on top spreads legs and bends forward so that both dicks are stacked together. The man on top provides manual stimulation to both of the touching dicks.
"Hey! Grab some lemonade and tea and we can go to Dave's house, make some Arnie Palmers and double-stack the day away!!!!"

"That sounds AMAZING, I will take pics of your stacked dicks!"

"Woot woot"
by Defwinston July 26, 2014
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(transitive verb): The act of having sex with two women at the same time. Technically this refers to instances where the women are stacked on top of each other, stomach-down. Colloquially, however, double-stacking is used to mean any act of a threesome where one or more men have sex with two women at the same time.
Bro, look at those two fine-ass hotties. Let's double-stack those bitches and take their temps.
by Aaron54 March 30, 2008
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