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A sci-fi genre that incorporates cybernetic implants, computer hacking and high technology, usually pitting independent hackers against mega corporations and though police. Seminal early works include the novel Neuromancer (Gibson), and Shadowrun (a role playing game). This culture heavily influenced later works, such as Matrix, and a wide range of books, role playing games, and movies.
The cyberpunk culture of the 80s has had a huge impact on modern films and literature.
by BigEeek December 23, 2012
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A subgenre of science fiction that nerds can never agree on the exact meaning of. A good guide line though is the two words in that portmanteau: "cyber" and "punk." Does the movie/book/show/comic/whatever in question have a heavy emphasis on technology? (As opposed to aliens, space exploration, time travel, etc.) Then it's got the "cyber." Does it have a punk-like feel to it? (Dark, neon-filled setting, black leather and sunglasses, techno-punk soundtrack, devil-may-care attitudes, etc.) Then it's got the "punk."

Depending on which nerd you ask, examples of cyberpunk include: "The Matrix," "Blade Runner," "The Terminator," "Total Recall," "Snow Crash," "Neuromancer," "Burning Chrome," "Hammerjack," "Altered Carbon," "Shadowrun," "Repo: The Genetic Opera," "Inception," "Ultraviolet," "Aeon Flux," "Tron," and probably tons of other classic examples this writer is forgetting.

Cliches to look for, that may indicate a cyberpunk story:

- Hackers
- Virtual reality
- A dark (in any sense of the word) future
- Sunglasses
- Leather
- Pimpin' suits
- Razor Girls
- Techno music
- Neon
- Urban settings
- Evil corporate dudes
- Anything related to Japan
- Spunky teenage couriers on wheels (skateboards, bikes, roller blades, etc.)
- A wise and mysterious black dude
- Sarcasm
- Robots
- Gratuitous action/violence/boobies
- Hearing yourself say "Damn this is so cheesy, but I love it so much!"
- Giant, futuristic blimps
"What the hell do you mean 'The Matrix' isn't cyberpunk? It's got the virtual reality, the hackers, the leather, the shades, the deep philosophy, the dark future, the cynicism, the robots, and the techno soundtrack!"

"It was made in 1999. True cyberpunk must be from the '80s, like 'Blade Runner' and 'Neuromancer.'"

"Dude, that's like saying 'Harry Potter' can't be fantasy, because it wasn't written in the same decade as 'Lord of the Rings.'"

"'s *post*-cyberpunk, is what it is."

by Sally Shears December 08, 2014
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Pertains to both a literary genre and more recently to an attitude or lifestyle.

The media genre generally is placed in the future and develops more on the fact that the future may not end, but may not be pretty either. Generally the storyline centres around some form of technology.

The more recent lifestyle that has evolved and coined this term is fragmented and hard to classify. It is still very new and there is debate on what the term means. Generally observation shows that "cyberpunks" are not only extremely technologically proficient, but are innately adept at it. They have a desire to know all forms of technology they come into contact with. Their attitude tends to be somewhat apathetic towards anything that doesn't directly involve them and their style of dress and personal tastes tend to be eccentrically futuristic.
Snow Crash
by nexusvt100 May 12, 2004
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1. High tech, low life.

2. The future is here. It's everything we wanted and nothing we needed.
Today is yesterday's cyberpunk dystopia.
by Flumberbug March 22, 2019
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A underrated genre of Science Fiction set in lawless sub culture of an opressive and dystopian society dominated by computer technology.

In a nutshell: high tech, low life. Usually taking place within a metropolis city overun by crime, corruption, street gangs, hackers, bandits, poverty, highly advanced computer technology, cybernetic (and mechanical) augmentations and overall, a very dangerous environment to live.
"What are some Cyberpunk properties you recommend?"

"Blade Runner, AKIRA, Ghost in the Shell, Deus Ex, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, SNATCHER, Shadowrun, Syndicate, Satellite Reign, Bubble Gum Crisis, Cybercity Oedo 808, System Shock, Perfect Dark, Minority Report.
by Cyberpunk2020 March 16, 2016
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The hardest thing to say about cyber punk is it's definition. To sum up what cyber punk means in reality - it generally covers the computing underworld of hackers, as well as various underground technology such as amateur military technology.

In fiction, cyber punk is considered a sub-genre of sci-fi, especially popular in Japanese animation (anime), although also seen in films such as Blade Runner and The Matrix. Generally, this type of fiction covers the subjects of computing, hacking and general mechanical technology.

It should be noted that cyber punk is not an officially accepted term in computer science, although it has been widely accepted as a laymans term in fiction.
That anime has mecha fights, computers that can access everyones brain, its a cyber punk anime.
by Stephan Lewin January 14, 2004
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