a hot chick with a class ass, a knockout babe who has an ass of exquiste portion
Tonya was so hot and that ass, she's a cutie with a booty.
by devildog May 30, 2006
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Pretty much self-explanatory. A person who is cute and has a big butt.
Person 1: I hate my butt. It's so big.
Person 2: Yeah, right! I wish I had a butt that big. You're a cutie with a booty, have no ass at all!
by Lil' E May 30, 2006
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a female one finds to be physically desirable
"yeah man, I HAD to step up to that, she was straight cutie booty material"
by whiskymack February 17, 2004
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A booty that is decent for a skinny girls size.
Dang she might weigh 92 lbs but she got a cutie booty.
by JJPhlex December 17, 2018
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A cutie booty is someone that you love hella and makes you feel all warm and soft, makes u go cutie mood. You just look at them and start getting all "oooh my lil cutie boooootyyyy"
*babe sits and does nothing*
Me: "omfg how can u be so adorable, I wanna give u kisses and squuuueeeze you, my lil cutie booty"
by Dadadididou August 29, 2020
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Any girl who is deemed attractive in a sense that she also might have a great butt. Often shortened to CWATFB.
by Flubancuban March 6, 2011
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Cutie Booty is a group of people that has 200 iq and been blessed by the gods and they have god mentality.
- Omg it's the cutie bootys!!

- OMG it's harry i love him so much!
by Cool Guy! December 26, 2019
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