A situation where someone needs to perform a task but the method to complete the task doesn't exist so she has to create the solution herself. It derives from "rolling your own" cigarettes versus buying pre-made cigarettes.
Computer programmer #1: Is there a built-in function to filter the database?
Computer programmer #2: Sorry, man, you're going to have to roll your own.
by tofergregg February 3, 2009
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What you search up on Urban Dictionary for self validation.
Guy 1 - yoo i just searched up my own name on the urban dictionary and guess what, it said that people with this name were sexy hot sweet and kind! imma show this to my friends hahaha

Guy 2 - Get some help. Why on Earth do you need to search up your own name in the Urban Dictionary and make a big un about it? In fact, your name has NOTHING to do with you and your personality. Sure, search it up for the sole desire of curiosity. But don't go any further than that. The only one person in charge of your etiquette and character is you yourself. You don't need validation from random people on the internet, you don't need validation from strangers whom you have never meet/will never meet in your whole life. The only to true pathway to inner peace is self validation from yourself. If you don't like yourself, then you won't be able to progress much in your life. If you don't love yourself, you won't have true and genuine harmony in life.
by Sarjis Khan September 4, 2021
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Something that is happening in close proximity to you and often you are unaware of it.
Susie: My child does not do drugs
Alison: Uh, yeah, yeah she does. It's happening in your own backyard
by loulou62849 March 22, 2014
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To be able to handle yourself in a fight or similar situation, with little or no help from anyone else.
"Big Al isn't a fighter, but if anyone ever provokes him, he'll be able to hold his own. I bet you can hold your own too, Jimmy."
by Unany October 5, 2007
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A phrase used when a friend shows significant signs of emotional distress linked to sexuality, sexual/romantic frustration, or even intimate isolation.

It generally means to take charge of who you want to be in regards to sexual identity, how you want to be treated, and how you project yourself on a sexual/romantic level.
The phrase can be applied to both sexes, but refers specifically to someone who is either the submissive partner in a relationship, or desires to be the submissive partner in either a current or future relationship.
Tim: I’ve been going through a lot lately. I don’t feel like I have control of who I am as a person.
Lucas: I know man, you aren’t very good at hiding it. Shit like this is rough, but you got to remember who’s in control of you. Be your own bitch!
Tim: Be my own bitch?
Lucas: Be your own bitch!
Tim: Be my own bitch!
Sarah: What are you guys talking about?
Tim and Lucas: Be your own bitch!
by sunnA sunU December 23, 2021
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