When text/data is taken from context and stored in a temporary location in RAM ready to be pasted into other contexts.
by dw July 21, 2003
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The act of using a fork and knife to eat your food.

'Cut' refers to the act of cutting your food with a knife and 'paste' refers to the act of putting the food in your mouth.
Instead of using my hands, I cut and paste my pizza.
by dictionaryy king November 25, 2016
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improvised from multiple sources
It looked like a cut-and-paste project, but brought up a legitimate concern.
by The Return of Light Joker September 26, 2010
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A recent phenomena that has increased with the popularity of Facebook where individuals who used to mail out chain letters can now show their friends how much they "care" by simply cutting & pasting a status update about a hot political or social issue. It is clear that this person really cares based on the "effort" dedicated to the cause. God forbid they actually volunteer some of their time or donate a few bucks to the cause - no they've made the ultimate sacrifice of select, copy & paste & we're all better thanks to their efforts.
The whole Casey Anthony verdict has the Cut and Paste Activists going bat shit crazy on Facebook.
by Truthteller1629 July 30, 2011
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Synonym: Plagiarize
To do as a last minute effort before assignments are due. Usually done by dumb people or people that go to "Matto Sports High"
Dude, I worked on my assignment for 3 and a half hours!
Friend: Dude, 4 words, Cut 'n' Paste!
by Psuedonym Man May 21, 2009
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Is when a person/blogger cuts and paste others work to express a point. Instead of telling how they feel or think, they find somebody elses work that they think would be the best counterpoint to the others persons argument. Used most notably by "Hermit" on the Led Zeppelin forum to bash President Bush and any other people who he doesn't agree with.
Jesus Christ, I just asked him what he felt about the Iraq war, and he does cut and paste politics.
by James Patrick Page March 28, 2008
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