A black person in New Jersey. On Police Reports in NJ, people are referred to by race codes, 01 for white, 02 for black and 05 for Hispanic. In baseball, when a catcher wants a pitcher to throw a curveball, he puts down 2 fingers, thus a black person is a "curveball".
1st cop: "Anything going on?"
2nd cop: "There was a robbery at a bodega this morning. Three guys with guns."
1st Cop: "Curveballs?"
2nd cop: "What else?"
by Canadiandeucecurveball November 27, 2010
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An extremely hot girl, SO hot that she in fact buckles your knees, much like a good curveball will do when it looks like its coming at your head and then the bottom falls out of it.
Dude, that broad's a big time curveball.
by Wonderboy 2k January 21, 2006
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Having a bowel movement. (Number 2 is the designation for having to take a bowel movement, and it is generally the catcher's sign for a curveball to be thrown.
Dude, I just dropped the craziest curveball.
by tbrazen June 17, 2009
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When a guy starts talking to you, and you thought you liked/ had a crush on another guy, but then you starting questioning the first crush, and confusion commences.
Margaret liked Dan for the longest time, but then James came along and impressed the hell out of her. Now she doesn't know who she likes. She's getting thrown curve balls.
by cpt murray May 16, 2010
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a flash game available online, no one can pass level 8
'hey dude fancy a game on curveball, first to level 8 wins'
by Dr Turbotnik August 09, 2005
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Farting into a cupped hand, catching the gas, and then throwing it into the face of an unsuspecting bystander.
I threw that bitch a curve ball, and she nearly puked.
by Alex Wirth scars08 October 09, 2007
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