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a poorly-photoshopped image of a bald nagito komaeda in a golden hall that appears at the end of the game undertale. Also known for the following copypasta:

"WHAT? That’s not Sansy. That’s some person from like Attack on Titan or whatever. The image is so poorly edited, and you can tell it’s a JPEG because of the white around it. At least they got the hall right… where Sans and Frisk have the final showdown in the No Mercy run of Undertale."
Dude, it's sans undertale!
oh god he's here.
by mahiruhanayo December 5, 2016
Fanta, the popular soda brand, but with a P. Used to avoid copyright in the Danganronpa franchise, being the favorite drink of Kokichi Ouma
John: I want to die I was at the dollar store and I carefully picked up a grape Panta and went "sexy boy..." because I thought no one else was there but I was WRONG

Kyle: what the fuck bro
by mahiruhanayo September 19, 2017
A comment used on images that are unwanted/weird/generally unlikeable/questionable. The word 'cursed' is use as an adjective.
You seen that inflation spongebob art?
Yeah. That's a cursed image if I've ever seen one.
by mahiruhanayo December 14, 2016