Albert: Did you take the unit test for Mrs. Curran
John: Yeah i got Curranated
by Mrs. Curran October 1, 2018
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. Gorgeous hair, eyes, smile, voice, and personality. Hilarious. Extremely huggable. Quiet, crazy, friendly, lovable, perfect.
Jose: I wish I was Curran
Molly: I wish I was with Curran
by mindlesswandering September 1, 2011
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Manual stimulation of sexual organs using your feet. Requires the person to have extreme flexibility.
"The man was curraning all night."

"I walked into the room and I saw Matt curraning, it was horrible."
by Liggings May 16, 2009
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Sexiest mofo out there, if your name is shannon you should totes bang him
Shannon: I would totes bang a curran
by Jackson mike February 22, 2014
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a bad ass indian dude who is a complete bro. Famous for his quotes such as, "Everyone is a winner...except the losers!" he is a lax, skateboard, and surfer bro
"Man i wish i could be just like that guy! hes such a curran!"
by laxbro1003 August 12, 2011
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Did you see that guy do a face plant?

Yeah lol I think he tripped over his own big toe
Lol that’s hilarious he must be a Curran
by Wuuut1276 April 21, 2019
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Echymosis or bruising to the inner aspect of the upper arms (bicipital region), caused by pressure exerted by the hands (usually thumbs) of a sexual partner during the act of copulation/sexual intercourse.
Hmmmm, that girl has bilateral Curran's sign....she obviously puts out.
by Studley McKnight April 25, 2005
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