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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. Gorgeous hair, eyes, smile, voice, and personality. Hilarious. Extremely huggable. Quiet, crazy, friendly, lovable, perfect.
Jose: I wish I was Curran
Molly: I wish I was with Curran
by mindlesswandering September 01, 2011
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Sexiest mofo out there, if your name is shannon you should totes bang him
Shannon: I would totes bang a curran
by Jackson mike February 22, 2014
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a bad ass indian dude who is a complete bro. Famous for his quotes such as, "Everyone is a winner...except the losers!" he is a lax, skateboard, and surfer bro
"Man i wish i could be just like that guy! hes such a curran!"
by laxbro1003 August 12, 2011
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Did you see that guy do a face plant?

Yeah lol I think he tripped over his own big toe
Lol that’s hilarious he must be a Curran
by Wildmikesgirl April 21, 2019
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A Wonderfully kind-hearted woman who can be a total bitch; dont ever talk to a curran; she is a whore; i hate all currans; but also has a peaceful side to her; i love most currans; but also hate one in specific; sike; curran=love. Plump booty. If you ever meet a curran, you should know she is phenomonal; most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my whole life holy crud; if your name is hezazekial, you need to pound this woman now.
hezazekial: "i just want to pound a woman named curran"
curran: "ok"
hezazekial:" I just got done putting it in my girl curran. loved it. good smash, excelent meat."
Curran: "I love getting hit from behind."
by nipple123456tyer April 11, 2017
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1. Has a 2 inch dick and he has no friends and his fortnite skills are dead.

2. It also means when you are feeling down that you have just lost the fortnite game and you have came second place.
I'm such a Curran.
I feel so Curran
via giphy
by Xx!!Your_Best_Friend!!xX July 12, 2018
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