when your penis sticks out of the hole in your boxers
when i was running i had a curious george
by bdogg7 March 24, 2004
One of my favorite books! Momma used to read it to me, now I read it to little Forrest. I miss Momma.
by Forrest Gump September 5, 2003
someone who is unsure of their sexual identity/person who may be gay or straight but isnt sure
dave wanted to compare penis sizes with some of his frends so they called him a curious george
by magic marly July 6, 2011
a childrens book about a curious monkey and a guy with a big yellow hat
by cheesecake January 14, 2005
A monkey kidnapped by the bastard in the yellow hat.
That bastard in the the yellow hat has kidnapped curious george!
by fireisnojoke March 4, 2006
a retarded, deaf german teacher who prays rosaries with "disapearing" fetuses in the beads
Curious george has no fucking idea what cum shot, chode, wang, johnson, jizz, cum, or erectile disfuntion are
by DEARDEN May 27, 2003