When engaging in doggy-styled coitus with a female, or large male, using one or both hands to 'cup a tittie.'
Little Johnny was hitting it from the back when he decided to reach around and ever so gently, yet firmly, cuppa tittie.
by Doctor Cuppa Tittie March 17, 2017
Bare Cuppa is a alternate phrase for the word 'Quality.'
This term is derived from the words 'Koala' + 'Tea' which when put together sounds like 'Quality.'
A Koala is a bear and a cup of tea is also known as a cuppa; this is where 'Bare Cuppa' was born!!
''Wow! Your new dress is bare cuppa!'' or ''Hey guys, that roller coaster over there looks bare cuppa!''
by BareCuppa July 22, 2018
Cuppa teas are lovely. In France they only sell ice tea which I made me angry. British people love tea. There sweet and the best time to drink it is when you get it on the way to school and sing a song.
Cuppa tea are the best
by Sherral Button December 10, 2017
A game played by swingers. Woman lays down, whilst several men line up and take turns blindfolded (of course) to 'Dunk the biscuit in the cuppa'. Also known as putting their testicles in the woman's mouth which is full of warm untainted, delicious, scrumptious semen.
Hey Mike, are you up for a bit of dunk the biscuit in the cuppa tonight?

Did you hear about Mandy last night, she got dunked several times!
by SatansLittleLover69 September 20, 2019
Cuppa army is a brand made by beetle juice and a team, “team cuppa army” in which a group of teens play airsoft while “magdumping” opponents with the intent to harm.
I heard team cuppa army is here and they are going to magdump someone.
by lil g4 July 19, 2022
Obama: I now grant Cuppa the key to the city
Cuppa: Thanks Obama you're the best
by woobabooba November 12, 2022