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1. Jimmy Buffet song that is the framework definition for what a beach front vacation paradise should be.

2. Term coined by bored individual (e.g. the Author) as the ulitmate getaway paradise.
"Wasting away again in Margaritaville."

"Some day, I'll sweep you off your feet, and we'll spend the rest of our decadent, happy lives in Margaritaville."
by gunslave May 3, 2003
To gouge out an opponent's eye with knitting needles, and cramming fresh tampons into the sockets, for decoration, and to soak up the blood.
"Why don't you just shut up, before I decide to toss out a G-Hawk Special!"
by gunslave May 11, 2003
1. A term often misunderstood as to meaning the control the appropriation, selling and accquisition of firearms.

2. Applying proper use to a firearm, as to be able to accurately accquire and dispatch hostile targets.
Some people say gun control is the only thing keeping the nation safe from crimes. I say that *MY* gun control is the only thing preventing people from committing acts of crime on me.
by gunslave April 30, 2003
slang contraction of "cup of", believed to be Irish in origin.

Meaning to have a cup of whatever the person offering is drinking, not necessarily tea, or coffee.
"Come 'ere an' 'ave yerself a cuppa, mate!"
by gunslave November 29, 2003
1. The process which occurs when Humanity reaches it's evolutionary peak, and evolves back into a primordial ooze, starting the evolutionary process all over again.

2. An evolutionary Theory in which the entire world is the product of the imagination of a boy who does not realize what he really is.

3. The end of the world.

4. To reduce humanity and civilization to a single hive mentality, by stripping them of their individualities and combining all hearts, souls and minds into one coherent existence.
The instigation of Human Instrumentality would bring about peace and harmony, but it would make us lose everything that makes us unique. But we would all agree and be happy.
by gunslave May 3, 2003
A cute, cat-like puppy dog, native to F Prefecture, F City Japan. Believed by some to be an Emergency source of food.
"I've been starving for the last four days...if only I had a Menchi."
by gunslave July 23, 2003