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An extremely skanktastic individual who engages into sexual activities with whomever is closest, as long as they are in some way physically appealing or not. Usually has 1 to 5 STD's and has either been knocked up or has knocked someone up at least 12 times. Would fuck anywhere at anytime and is usually high/drunk in the process, which equals sloppy gross sex. Not appealing.
penishead: omfg i had some great sex last night with like suzy, and julia and hoe.. i mean jocey and barbara and ashley and ashley and another ashley and sophie and.... *continues to list 1561315643554123156415132 girls he fucked in one night*

friend: wow, you are such a cuntwhore!
by summerisamazing =] April 02, 2009
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A woman who loves fucking and playing with her clit/g-spot way too much.
That slut is such a fucking cunt whore- she took two large cocks and still had to flick her clit till she shot her juice all over.
by Andy Rowe June 04, 2005
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A person trying to get some of that cuntthey are a whore for it and bend over backwords.
also meens lesbian when said to a woman
God damnit man your such a cunt whore

DAMN BITCH your a cunt whore
by /HellRaizer May 11, 2006
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A unisex term to describe a person who is a cunt and a whore without trying.
Guy 1: "Fuck that guy he's a cuntwhore."

Guy 2: "Filthy cuntwhore!"
by Glowing FUPA October 04, 2016
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