cuntlet; a very young barely legal but sexually active female.
Comparative, veal cutlet, young tender sweet meat, milk fed and not experienced in the ways of the barnyard....cuntlet, young tender pussy, likely illegal, not experienced in the ways of the other limits!
by hagar the horrible April 4, 2008
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Slightly derogative term of endearment for a young attractive sexually active female, it is found within Aristophanes play; 'Wasps'
'Oooh, come here my little cuntlet' Said the king to his courtesan
by Orinoco June 4, 2006
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An ugly and stupid woman with a tiny and somewhat unreproductive cunt. See Paris Hilton as a good example.
Isabelle is by far the worst cuntlet I ever known in my whole life...
by In nomines Satanas excelsior December 25, 2007
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The off spring of a cunt.
Look there is that cunt with her cuntlets.
by Scouselahhh October 21, 2018
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A man inserts his index and middle fingers into a girls vagina and his thumb into her anus forming a Meathook. The fingering individual then snaps their fingers, causing 50% of the thots on earth to die instantly.
Will: Dude!!!! Joey gave kirsten an Infinity Cuntlet, and now i cant find my girlfriend!

John: F....
by SkewTwo April 27, 2019
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An insult you give a person who is obscene or is basically trash

Code name: Anklet
by Big Momma Lizz March 21, 2018
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