A person of high society and wealth whose famous just for the fact of being rich and fabulous. A socialite who is "famous for being famous."
Paris Hilton, Ally Hilfiger, and Fabian Basabe are all noted celebutantes.
by enamils October 14, 2005
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A female of high society and wealth whose debut becomes publicly visible and famed; a debutante who achieves celebrity status.
Paris Hilton is the world's most overexposed celebutante.
by LunarMelanie July 16, 2005
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A person heavily involved in the club scene of the late 80s and early 90s. This term was mainly used by people who were part of the scene, before it became more well-known and the synonym club kid was coined by the mainstream media.
The movie Party Monster is a good insight into the celebutante scene - even though most of them didn't kill and dismember their drug dealers like Michael Alig did.
by SpeakEasy June 17, 2004
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