After Jim went muff diving he shoved his sweet meat in my coochie and then cleaned my tailpipe.
by Assassino November 16, 2002
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the large flavorfull "epuipment" carried by only the special few
trent loves jet's sweet meat in his mouth and anus
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
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something extremely cool that cant just be described by the word "sweet"
1. hey man I just got an A on my test
2. wow man, sweet meat
by mr. el November 30, 2004
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A homosexual guy, usually, that is noticeably feminine, or extremely sissified.
Look at ol' dude in the street, DATS SWEET MEAT BABY! Look how he switchin, yeah... He sweet meat...
by Shadow One September 11, 2006
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the name for the smell of penis jizz after jerking it off
steven and disney were messing around in the car, and then disney jerked him off. five minutes later, disney's little sister walks into the car and exlaims, "it smells like sweet meat in here!"
by kizzate June 18, 2006
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The precious pipe of pleasure skin between a man's legs, usually used for beating and fapping

Synonyms: penis, dick, willy, booner, boner
John: "Hey, what were you up to last night? I kept hearing weird noises..."
Scott: "Oh... It was nothing. I was just beating my sweet meat."
John: "...Flex."
by get_it July 30, 2019
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