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A woman who behaves like and exhibits the qualities of a cunt in nearly all facets of life.
Erin has decided to once again inform everyone on Facebook about the lights being turned off when she arrives at lab. What a fucking cuntess!
by I_dislike_smelly_women July 26, 2013
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Refers to an extroverted, reckless, impulsive, poorly educated, unintelligent woman who always causes problems for everyone around her. Then tosses the blame outward, looking for any scapegoat to preserve her vain, narcissistic, egomaniacal divinity. The key factor of a Cuntess is that they must uphold a grandiose delusion of absolute personal perfection, which no one may challenge. Essentially, a Cuntess is a forgetful, low-functioning psychopath with an inferiority complex.
The Cuntess threw out her favourite CD, telling me she wasn't interested in the band any more. Now she's blaming John for stealing it, saying that she was always suspicious of him due to his 'criminal element.' Can you believe that?"
by Unorthodox Platypus October 12, 2016
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She is the lower level of a Cunteen (queen of cunts) a Cuntess is a princess cunt.
She is below the level of a Cunteen, she is a Cuntess. She’s learning.
by Luchar March 15, 2018
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