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A resident of Frederick County, Maryland, United States, esp. from having lived in the area for a long time; and meets one or more of the following criteria:

-considers him/herself a redneck

-is considered by others to be a redneck

-acts like a redneck

-lives on a farm

-talks like a hick

-works when they are not in school, esp. at the family farm

-does drugs

-has family who have lived their entire life in Frederick

-wears "farm clothes"

-hunts/wears hunting gear in public

-shows animals at the fair

-drives a pickup truck

-drives some type of jacked-up vehicle

-wears boots and clothes that have mud stains

-chews and snapps gum really loudly in public

-have not ever been outside of the town

-have never been outside Frederick County

-drives a tractor

-doesn't know manners

-Wears their pair of jeans with the 'small stain' on them, a plaid shirt, and nice boots as their "Formal Wear"

-drop out from school at 16 to work on the farm

-brags to everybody about guns

-was taught to use a gun at the age of three

Most Frednecks live in the outskirts of Frederick, and not in the City of Frederick (AKA Ghetto Town). One of the most common places to find Frednecks in Frederick is in the town and surrounding region of New Market, MD, Frederick County. Many Frednecks live in this area, and many go to Linganore High School, where they drive trucks and crash into light posts.

Frednecks. Now you know.
That guy (the Fredneck) you see wearing hunting gear in the store that chews gum while smoking while showing off a dead deer in the back of his pickup.
by That guy who laughs at em September 12, 2012
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What people in Maryland refer to as Fredrick.
Let's leave Moco and go to Fredneck.
by D-Bizzle November 27, 2003
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a: noun A resident of Frederick, MD who although a redneck in attitude and accent will listen to rap and dress in a hip hop style possibly mixed with normal redneck couture.
Justin is such a fucking Fredneck! This douche bag is sitting on a tractor with a Raiders hat and jersey, baggy ass jeans and a pair of cowboy boots with a boom box strapped to the back blaring Insane Clown Pussy, I mean Possy.
by Zomommey November 01, 2011
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A redneck from Fredericksburg, Virginia, particularly a lifetime resident of Fredericksburg.
What's up with all these Frednecks and their Confederate flags?
by kk123 September 06, 2006
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A person whose body weight causes them to appear they have no neck and that their head is part of their shoulders, just like Fred Flintstone.
That Rosie O'Donnell sure is a fredneck.
by Bernard Rubble June 07, 2007
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A French redneck. Often found in Northeastern Canada.
Look at that filthy plaid wearing old fart with the funny accent. Yeah, He sure is a fredneck.
by D.R.W. April 13, 2006
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