Attacking a girl's genitals, whether for fun or for reasons of self defense. While not as easy of a target as a man's testicles, the clitoris is every bit as sensitive. Even a playful slap, while not particularly harmful, can still be enough to make a girl double up and fall to the ground in pain. On the other hand, a full force kick can crush the clitoris up into the pelvic bone, compressing it. Since the clitoris is so tender, this will cause the girl incredible amounts of pain, and in some cases, severe injury, such as vulvodynia, bruising of the vulva and clitoris. In extreme cases, the girl may experience bruising to her pelvic bone as well. Severe cases of cuntbusting also carry the potential of emotional trauma, since the average girl tends to be more sensitive than the average boy.

For some reason, a surprisingly large number of (mostly younger) girls are unaware of their genitals' tenderness. Yet when kicked full force in the groin by the same person, girls are going to suffer just as much (if not even more) pain as boys, because of the double shot on the clitoris and the pelvis. The clitoris is located slightly higher, so when kicking a girl in the groin, the attacker aims higher and hits the clitoris and the pelvis, which is located right behind it. On the other hand, the testicles hang lower, so when kicking a boy, only his testicles are hit, and not his pelvis. It's still incredibly painful for a boy, but he won't have pelvic bruising to add to his injuries.
Danny: So Sarah tried to kick me in the nuts over the last bagel this morning.

Alec: That's a bad idea, considering you're a black belt in karate... what'd you do? You let her have it?

Danny: Let's just say I gave my little sister a cuntbusting she'll never forget!

Alec: How so?

Danny: I kicked her so hard in her little pussy that she dropped to the ground immediately and burst into tears.

Alec: That'll teach her.

Danny: She's probably still crying.
by Orren Wells May 8, 2013
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The act of striking a girl or woman in her clitoris, usually to inspire the feelings of helplessness or male domination.

Unlike the testicles, the clitoris sits just in front of the pubic bone, so a hard kick to just the right spot will cause a girl MORE pain than a guy would feel if he was kicked in the balls. Guys, imagine being kicked really hard in the balls AND in the shin at the same time.

It should be used only as a last resort- if a girl resorts to kicking you in the cunt or balls, then go right ahead. Cuntbusting is seen as a cheap shot, so it should only be used if you get cheap shotted first.

Common forms of cuntbusting include kicking, kneeing, punching, pinching, or twisting of the clitoris.
My little sister kicked me in the balls, so I did some cuntbusting tricks that hurt her so bad that she cried to our mom and she had to go to the hospital.
by Sarah Rodgers October 16, 2012
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When a woman is kicked in the vagina for fun or when she asks for it, it doesn't hurt like when a guy gets kicked in the balls so it is safe. It is compared to getting kicked in the butt for a male.
My girlfriend like cuntbusting so much she lets me kick her when ever I want.
by smoothsexyington July 15, 2010
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Cuntbusting is a masochistic paraphiliac activity in which a female is struck in the groin. This may be performed on a woman by a male or female though most often it is done by a woman.

A strike to the cunt can be debilitating. and the vulnerable feelings it inspires can become a source of anxiety that might potentially seem unique and taboo to a woman.

Cuntbusting should be practiced with a degree of care. Vulvodynia and nerve damage within the clitoris are two of the disabling afflictions that can result from excessive groin trauma in the female. both of which can severely affect quality of life. Bruising and sometimes swelling of the vulva region may also occur.
I was Cuntbusted by a cuntbusting woman.
by Ren36 August 20, 2006
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A painful attack delivered to a woman's vulva, such as a kick, knee, stomp, punch etc. Made to punish, for fun or to keep them aware of that they are not superior over men regarding genital attacks. The attack is deadly effective in incapacitating the woman since this is agonizingly painful.
When she tried to kick my balls, I got a hold of her leg and made a cuntbust so hard that left my shoe impression.

When the man cuntbusted her, she fell down grabbing her fanny and started coughing.

After a hard cuntbust, she was rolling on the ground and asking for water.

She never tried to ballbust any man after she was rendered barren with a devastating cuntbust.

After that lethal cuntbust, she has been suffering from vulvodynia.

Cuntbust teaches women never to mess with men again.
by C.Maniac December 22, 2007
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An erection in which the man in question's penis has acheived its maximum length and girth.
"Man, your mum is so hot. The whole time she was cooking us breakfast I had an enormous cuntbuster on."
by living_legend July 11, 2008
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An extraordinarily large penis. A term usually used to add color to an expression of surprise.
by Mike Tyrikos June 24, 2006
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