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A painful attack delivered to a woman's vulva, such as a kick, knee, stomp, punch etc. Made to punish, for fun or to keep them aware of that they are not superior over men regarding genital attacks. The attack is deadly effective in incapacitating the woman since this is agonizingly painful.
When she tried to kick my balls, I got a hold of her leg and made a cuntbust so hard that left my shoe impression.

When the man cuntbusted her, she fell down grabbing her fanny and started coughing.

After a hard cuntbust, she was rolling on the ground and asking for water.

She never tried to ballbust any man after she was rendered barren with a devastating cuntbust.

After that lethal cuntbust, she has been suffering from vulvodynia.

Cuntbust teaches women never to mess with men again.
by C.Maniac December 21, 2007
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The act of kicking a women in the vulva. Although harder to hit, the work is well worth it. A cuntbust hurts as much and more than a ballbust. If hit hard enough and with accuracy the pain can be equivalent to childbirth.
If that bitch ever tries to kick you in the balls give her a hard cuntbust.
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