An act that is not only cunt-like, but somehow, ineffably goes against all the principles of mateship that we currently abide by. It implies a selfish inconsideration of others, and perhaps.... yes, an active ill-will in some cases. When uttered, "cunt-act" (or "cunts-act") is often accompanied by a mournful shake of the head.
Yo, trAse, taking the last beer was a fucking cunt-act and you know it :grr:
by becy December 27, 2004
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A particular situation in life that is detrimental to one's cause.
Matt-" My front tire blew and I rolled my car 11 times @120k/hr in a school zone"
Stu-"What a fuckin' cunt-act!"
by Stuperman July 28, 2006
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A despicable or extremely untrustworthy deed.
He fucked my girlfriend while I was asleep in the other room - what a cunt act!
by markuz June 29, 2005
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An act that only a complete sicko or the average Texan would do.
A cunt act: Jerking off into your mom's bra

A Texan cunt act: Jerking off in your mom's bra, but not cleaning it up so she gets a nice surprise...
by Lord of Mishap July 04, 2006
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Messing around in a stupid fashion in the West of Ireland can be called cunt acting. Wasting ones time on a job that's too hard for to them like fitting a window without having a concept of what the job entails. Or messing around when there's a serious job to be done. Finally when your Gaelic football coach is unhappy with the teams performance and screams from the sidelines in anger and despair for the team to stp the cunt acting
Example1 John: Where's Tommy?
Sean: Trying to fix car.
John: He hasn't a fucking clue what he's at he's only cunt acting

Example2 Person 1:Give me a hand with this will you?
Person 2: We'll be there in a minute we're trying to sell fireworks to these kids.
Person 1: Aww Lads!! Stop the fuck acting will you?! We have to be finished here by 12

Example 3 Coach:Jesus lads we're 14 points down stop the fuck acting for shite's sake
by Smoky D November 15, 2006
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a guy whos initials are AG and is pussy whipped to high heaven. under the thumb, disgrace.
not inviting his mates of many many years to his engagemnet and then to his wedding when without our presence he never would have met his women.big cunt act!
by h_k January 24, 2006
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