Jacko went cunt up on that tree root.
Dave knocked my beer and it went cunt up.
by gladi July 12, 2008
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Australian slang derived as a cruder form of ass over head. To slip or trip on something in such a manner that you almost perform an aerial flip.
"That kid on the skateboard went cunt up"

"Dave ya dickhead pick up ya tools, i almost went cunt up on the spanner"
by My /\/ame September 24, 2008
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n. to be in a vertical orientation 180 degrees to normal, usu. as a result of an accident, i.e. to have ones cunt-up.
After 14 pints of lager, muller fell down the stairs and landed cunt-up, the stupid fuck-faced fool.
by blasterass February 24, 2005
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Australian slang, short for 'shut the fuck up you cunt'. More or less the same as any Australian slang with the word 'cunt' in it, it's meant to be used casually or by some dumbcunt to sound threatening.
Bazza: Stevo did you take my durries ya dumcunt?
Stevo: *on phone, doesn't give a shit*
Bazza: Oi mate I'm fuckin talkin to ya-
Stevo: FUCK UP CUNT! Git off ice, throw the first punch!
by tubendo November 3, 2016
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greeting to friend. Questions the health / wellbeing of the person being asked
"What up cunt?". Question to greet friend, as in "how are you friend?"
by Matt McCrone May 6, 2008
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