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A statement made in relation to a male companion in the case they do something rather outlandish or informal. Also can be used the same as 'dogging the boys'.
Donno: Look at Micko that spiffy cunt, he just went and got a ripstart in Thailand.
Lenno: Fuckin 'ell, he's gone rogue!
by tubendo November 3, 2016
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Australian slang, short for 'shut the fuck up you cunt'. More or less the same as any Australian slang with the word 'cunt' in it, it's meant to be used casually or by some dumbcunt to sound threatening.
Bazza: Stevo did you take my durries ya dumcunt?
Stevo: *on phone, doesn't give a shit*
Bazza: Oi mate I'm fuckin talkin to ya-
Stevo: FUCK UP CUNT! Git off ice, throw the first punch!
by tubendo November 3, 2016
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Like 90s kids, they actually know what a VHS is, and grew up with kids shows of the 90s and 2000s. Generally born between 1997 and 2002.
90s kids are all hipster nutcases, but at least early 2000's kids know what life was like before all these shite modern TV kid shows and why Nokia's are unbreakable.
by tubendo September 22, 2015
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