Referring to any type of blunt, dub, or joint; a dub rolled from the roach of an earlier generation of joint in which the dro had accumulated an amount of enjoyment-enhancing rez. A joint rolled from the weed left in a roach.
We rolled up a 2nd gen dub from that fatty roach.
by JamesGould June 23, 2005
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A second generation Backpacker is a Young Hip-Hop artist and/or aficionado, who is into the 4 Elements,
i.e. DJ, MC, Break, and Graffiti. A second Gen Backpacker will use an iPod or a MP3 to listen to Underground music, most of the time they obtain their favorite artists' music via the artists' YouTube channel or the artists' own website. As opposed to the older Backpacker who only gets Underground music through CD's from the Rappers themselves and carried around a Walkman to listen to those CD's. But both generations have some common attributes such as; 1) Carrying around Sharpies, Pens, and/or Spray paint cans in their Backpacks. 2) Their dislike for Mainstream music. 3) They both stay true to the art form and have a strong vocabulary, so their lyrics are not just about Drugs, Sex, and Money, 4) They also can freestyle/rap multiple syllable rhymes for many lines.
A 2nd Gen Backpackers are more accustomed to electronic devices to listen to their music.
by TakaAli December 31, 2010
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