A sexy MILF between 30 (a Puma) and 50 (a Couger).
Let's ditch these Cougers and go find ourselves some younger Cumas!
by sk94110 November 06, 2010
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The godfather YDS of all the work behind the biggest portal for upcoming artists around the world, hip hop artist (ThugPako)(tp).
World famous Hip Hop portal the 1 who made them pop on your tv, defined by the famous lines of art and culture, music is a bulletproof door to youth.
by YDS April 20, 2004
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Going into a deep, coma-like, sleep due to an orgasm.
Tony: yo I heard she gives the best head

Bobbert: yeah man, she blew my cousin and he didn't wake up for a week!

Tony: that's one hell of a cuma!
by nakedpuppies October 03, 2016
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