A strong, sexy woman approximately 40-55 years old who prefers younger men.
John is just 19 but he's dating that middle aged lady down the street. She is a couger!
by cyberpunk8 February 26, 2011
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An older woman around age 50-80 who looks to pick up younger boys, they prefer teenagers over all (around 14-17). But if they can, they will look for boys with the name Tim.
Tim says: hey man im gonna go inside real quick
friend says: ok
old woman: ooo look at the young boy.. hes just my type and i heard his friend call him tim, ill try to sell him these fake tickets to a fake movie in an abandoned movie theatre where ill make my move on him.

overall- All tims, watch out for cougers..
by bobjoesmith01 May 3, 2006
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a older chick or women thats hot,sexy and older then you
that chick must be about 26-27yrs old
im 19 and shes a couger
by wickednate March 12, 2009
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susan....on bravo shift. A woman 39yoa or older
susan is dating a 26 year old.. she is 39.. she is totes a couger
by shes1008 November 4, 2016
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When you are a young woman at a club/bar etc, and an older man approaches you...he is known as a couger
Where are all the hot guys tonight, all i see are cougers!
by Janel March 30, 2006
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When a large group of men go out 'hunting' older women. They usually would do this only for sexual purposes only because older woman are more experienced.
Hey, want to go couger hunting tonight?
by Carlos Walker March 27, 2008
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Rare and unattainable animal. It has the characteristics of a couger, yet is able to fly as well whilst maintaining couger like speeds.

They dwell near small bodies of water yet breed in high places. Here they can teach their young to descend from the mountain to learn flight at the same time staying away from predators and normal cougers that might jeopardize the Aqua Couger heritage.

It is just as elusive as the legendary bigfoot, seen a few times but never to be captured.
Dear Franklin,

I believe in order to capture the Aqua Couger, you must search near mount Fiji, where there is a large quantity of water and heights to accommodate it.

Sincerely, Captain Strokenit
by chewbaccaontherocks June 30, 2011
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