Socially transmitted patterns of action and expression. Material culture refers to physical objects, such as dwellings, clothing, tools, and crafts. Culture also includes arts, beliefs, knowledge, and technology.
Learned patterns of action and expression constitute culture.
by HistoryNerd94 September 27, 2010
To have refinement in taste and manners. To be refined, well-educated or wordly. May apply to manners, dress, language or lifestyle. Learned in the way of civilized society.
by Glavis May 26, 2008
An anime culture created by weebs for weebs.

Usually used in conjunction with an ecchi anime or in extreme cases, hentai.
This is culture!
I just watched a cultured anime ;)
mmm, this show is very cultured.

Damn, you are as cultured as me!
by Culture Reviewer October 19, 2021
The totality of communication practices and systems of meaning; a whole way of life of a people; the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. Culture does not express the way of life of a people, it actively shapes up that way of life.
by Lawson August 25, 2005
a controlled growth of bacteria
culture: people assume they are part of a culture, they are right

culture: many bacteria don't assume they are, but they are
by Standing Down November 1, 2007
Cultured is a word that don’t need a definition, it’s more of a ‘if you know then you know’ type of thing…

Just stay Cultured kmt you don’t wanna be that guy thats lip sincing all the songs in the party
“Yeah he’s Cultured he can come in, that bitch is clueless tho she’s gotta wait outside”
by definedbythegreatest January 18, 2022