Used in and around Stafford, Staffordshire to describe someone/something as uncool, geeky or if you like, nerdy. Circa 1990 and still used today in the county town of Stafford, England.
'Dude your bmx is so cuffy'
by Ben Conn October 24, 2006
A term originating in 80s Staffordshire, UK that refers to a person that appears or acts like a poor person. It can also be used to refer to an item that looks cheap or poor quality.
That new kid smells and he's got hand-me-down Quicksave trainers. He's well cuffy.

That yellow C&A ski jacket is the cuffiest thing I've ever seen!
by Dan Wrong March 13, 2008
wow i dont understand why that cuffy kid is so abap
by Shanx? March 12, 2008
Leader of a ten month slave rebellion in Berbice, Guyana in 1763. Cuffy has his very own statue in Georgetown.

Yo, did ya see Cuffy when you were in GT? Whas up with that thing in his hand?
by Kongfire November 1, 2007
Cuffy : Nickname of those with the surname "Cuthbertson"
That's wee Cuffy , big Cuffy's boy
by jellyspoon February 3, 2010
The act or state of dealing with situations 'on the fly', spontaneously, or as they arise. Normally used in combination with public speaking engagements. First usage is attributed to 'His Googleness'.
"When it comes to taking questions at the end of my presentation, cuffiness is fine with me."
by Scary Potter September 24, 2008