A name for any random drunk from Natick, Massachusetts
Cuffy left his empty bottle of Boone's farm on the steps again!
by The New White Morpheus May 11, 2023
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the most awesome chick in the lonely village of Williamsburg, Virginia. Also know as the Cuffinator, The Cuff Monstar, CuffCuff, Cuff Daddy...you get the picture.
Man, Cuffy is so hott.
by sexy mofo December 30, 2005
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Some clothing is too tight and uncomefortable
This sweater feels very cuffy over my T-shirt
by Jebus Trist February 2, 2003
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Used in and around Stafford, Staffordshire to describe someone/something as uncool, geeky or if you like, nerdy. Circa 1990 and still used today in the county town of Stafford, England.
'Dude your bmx is so cuffy'
by Ben Conn October 24, 2006
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A term originating in 80s Staffordshire, UK that refers to a person that appears or acts like a poor person. It can also be used to refer to an item that looks cheap or poor quality.
That new kid smells and he's got hand-me-down Quicksave trainers. He's well cuffy.

That yellow C&A ski jacket is the cuffiest thing I've ever seen!
by Dan Wrong March 13, 2008
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wow i dont understand why that cuffy kid is so abap
by Shanx? March 12, 2008
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