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The cuteness Scale on a ranking of 1 to 10. Generally The scale can also be on a 1 to (insert name here) level.
on the cuddlability scale of 1 to valorie, she's definitely a valorie!
by aardvarkjon August 1, 2011
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An object or person that is soft and/or comfy looking that will make one so happy when cuddled.
by Fiancee March 20, 2009
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When one is said to be an ameenah, they’re so cute and huggable that you want to hold them forever
by Jxb22 September 17, 2020
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Something that describes Black Veil Brides lead guitarist, Jake Pitts. He is so adorable, you just want to cuddle with him all night.
by Jezzi Pitts August 21, 2010
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