The most amazing woman on the planet. She makes everyone around her better and she cares deeply about everyone she decides to let into her life. She is tall, slender, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful. Her walnut brown skin shines wherever she is and she is the light to any darkness. Her smile is like the sun, bringing life and joy even to a hollow, drab, environment. She loves to laugh and each time she does it's a priceless gift. Her dark brown eyes give you a glimpse into her soul. Pure goodness. But only a certain few are allowed in.
Man 1: That woman, Amel. Oh my god.
Man 2: That's not a woman, that's an angel.
by mak2300 July 2, 2019
A standard of excellence that can rarely be achieved.
Josh will never reach Amel status.
by The Great Amel August 12, 2008
The most intelligent girl so gorgeous good at most sports can accomplish anything she is willing to put her mind. A good friend that has your back,always caring and she will always make you laugh
Amel had my back today when I got in trouble she is such a good friend let's go find that gorgeous girl
by weareallawesome February 17, 2015
This name could be used for both man or woman. It means the power of an eagle and people with this name are usually somebody who have multiple personalities. They are very friendly and would love to chat with you as people with this name are one of the most talkative person when you get to know them.

But before meeting someone with this name, he or she would prefer to be by themselves and they like to think a lot. Most likely Amells are very sensitive and they usually involved themselves in poetry or writing.

Other than that, Amells are great leaders and they can always win anybody's heart simply by talking to them. And on top of that they have lots of information.

Either man or woman, Amells have a very attractive appearance but they are very humble about it.
"Wait, is that the student representative? What was her name again?"
" It's Amell. Damn she sure is perfection."
by Liza is here December 26, 2017
Amele is a extremely caring person with so much love in her heart she sometimes places it in the wrong people. Amele is fragile but very strong and shouldn’t be messed with. Amele always puts other before herself and is one of the best friends you could ever have. Amele’s are trustworthy and funny and are very easy to fall in love with. Amele’s are loved by many and easy going/out going. Over all she is extremely beautiful inside and out. They constantly are seeking affection and acceptance, they just want to be liked and loved. If you have an amele keep her close and never let go they are very rare and hard to come by
God she’s the best thing to ever happen to me

Yeah man...that’s amele for ya:)
by laylay5 November 16, 2019
A beautiful and VERY intelligent girl. She's quite shy but is a cool friend, if your her enemy HELL HAPPENS - don't get on her bad side. She's very down to earth and only Lets a few people in her circle. If she likes you, she will be very shy. Amelle's are people not to ever forget.
Wow have you seen Amelle? She's the smartest girl ever!
by ButThatBunnyTho March 6, 2015