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A standard of excellence that can rarely be achieved.
Josh will never reach Amel status.
by The Great Amel August 12, 2008
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The most amazing woman on the planet. She makes everyone around her better and she cares deeply about everyone she decides to let into her life. She is tall, slender, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful. Her walnut brown skin shines wherever she is and she is the light to any darkness. Her smile is like the sun, bringing life and joy even to a hollow, drab, environment. She loves to laugh and each time she does it's a priceless gift. Her dark brown eyes give you a glimpse into her soul. Pure goodness. But only a certain few are allowed in.
Man 1: That woman, Amel. Oh my god.
Man 2: That's not a woman, that's an angel.
by mak2300 July 02, 2019
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The most intelligent girl so gorgeous good at most sports can accomplish anything she is willing to put her mind. A good friend that has your back,always caring and she will always make you laugh
Amel had my back today when I got in trouble she is such a good friend let's go find that gorgeous girl
by weareallawesome February 16, 2015
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Amel is a weird human being and Camel looking. She is sometimes confusing with her emotions one minute she likes you the next she’s pissed off with you. She can be very idiotic and stupid
by Facssssmateee February 02, 2020
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