Chortles Out Loudly - Minh + Claire creation. *Natalie Tran - Community Channel Inspired*
Minh: Yo mamma is soo fat she paints her lipstick on with a paint roller.
Claire: Yo mamma is soo fat she ate the paint roller!
Minh: COL!
Claire: COL!
by Minhcredible December 19, 2009
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Lazy dude: Can you turn off the TV?

Girlfriend: For Col crying out loud its right next to you.

Lazy dude: Oh, can you turn it off?
by Grilled Pickles March 17, 2010
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Similar in context as the internet abbreviation 'lol', but this time standing for 'Clap Out Loud'. This is the act of clapping hysterically while laughing.
Miles: Why did the chicken cross the road?

David: Oh Jesus not another chicken joke.

Miles: It didn't, it stayed in the farm!

David: COL. :D
by ActiasLuna October 19, 2008
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marina and ali: "COL!"
by cindylauperisn'tdead July 28, 2010
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To chuckle out loud. when you get a text message or email that doesn't quite make you laugh out loud, but rather chuckle to your self.
Guy #1:Dude Chuck Norris can get black jack with only one card.

Guy #2: COL;)
by Jordanamo & T-Yager April 13, 2011
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when you Cackle out loud it expresses pure uninhibited glee, especially used when texting, IMing or blogging.
when you read something so funny you have to cackle out loud, lol is not strong enough an expression for some things that make you cackle so loud people come from another room to see what you are laughing at .
lol is weak.
use especially if you know your laugh sounds like a cackle.

as in: Holy Crap! i had to COL(cackle out loud) on that one!
this is COL(cackle out loud) funny.
by crazymamaof6 February 28, 2008
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