When you jerk off and let your cum drip down your dick and it quickly dries up forming a semen crust on your penisian head.
I was jerking off and right before I came I realized I had no tissues near me. I had to let the cum drip down and accept the crusty dick.
by DopeyDick September 16, 2015
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The result of peanut butter masturbation. Fap off with your thickest peanut butter for a minute, and gentleman, you have a crusty dick.
I made love to my right hand using Jiffy and now I got a crusty dick.
by Nononono May 7, 2015
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98% of men have dick cheese yet they don't admit it. Crusty Dick Cheese is basically when men don't practice good hygiene and the hot mixture of cum and pee bonds together and ferments for a long time until it turns into cheese. Natural and healty, its high in Glucose, salt and has low calories.
Slut1: hey b*tch you evah tried crusty dick cheese no?
Slut2: no shit, wtf is dick cheese yo...
Slut1: r u cereal? u no slut then
by DeepThroating69 July 4, 2017
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A genetic syndrome that causes your dick to become super crusty even while you age and the layers of skin build up to the point you hear a crunching noise when you fuck your wife/woman and it is incurable. It has been said that back when Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, he had this syndrome and many thought it was known as a severe STD that cause layers of skin to fall off from your dick and they used to think his semen crustified his dick, but nope he had it. If you have crusty dick syndrome, well i hope you are prepared to hear the crunch of your dick.
by Gothgirlforever2000 April 24, 2019
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The vibrant and adrenaline-filled rush one experiences when confronted with a scenario of one's own crusty dick, and an escalating sexual encounter.

Under crusty-dick energy, one tends to ruthlessly skip over foreplay such as oral sex to the main act, and avoids bright lighting, to tenaciously hide the fact that your dick is crusting.

This has the paradoxical effect of appearing more confident and at times, more romantic due to the low lighting circumstances. It can lead to a win on both fronts. It can also give the illusion that you are not a man of selfishness and prefer mutual pleasure.
Cindy: I can't get over how mysterious Charles was last night....
Samantha: What do you mean?

Cindy: Usually men want blowjobs before sex, he went straight for it...it was kinda hot...
Samantha: Are you sure he didn't just have Crusty Dick Energy?
by awwwshiiiet March 2, 2022
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Odd flakes of skin like cornflakes, that happen to be near the genital area - obviously a tasty snack.
Yeah dude, pick up some dick crusties, ranch flavored.
by jiggy n crusty July 18, 2011
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