a mustache that is so ingrained with white trash DNA, it grows in weak, with only a small number of thin hairs as compared to a normal mustache. I.E.-Cletus the slack-jawwed yokel has a crustache.
Like my crustache?
by Bizarrett February 5, 2003
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The pathetic looking prepubescent mustache sported by boy bands and male high school students intended to impress women, while drawing only jeers and snickers. See peach fuzz.
Zach's dad finally made him Nair his crustache, he looked like a queer!
by BFish December 11, 2002
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A poorly grown mustache that accurs from lack of motivation to shave.

Also present on boys entering puberty. In which case it is grown to the fullest extent and shown off to there peers.
"dude did see tommy's crustache it totally awesome." "i cant wait for mine to grow in."

"hes kinda cute but whats with the crustache."

"nice crustashe lazy ass."
by hexnfx August 5, 2009
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A crusty, messy, weird looking mustache.
Mustaches that have lint and crumbs in them.
Guy 1: "See that geezer over there?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, what about him?"
Guy 1: "See all those crumbs in his mustache? Now that, my friend, is a crustache."
by »AJH« July 19, 2010
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A "moustache" of dried blood and snot, often peppered with boogers. Worn mainly by children under five years.
"Hollis! You are not going to church wearing a crustache!"
by "Sweet" Chubby July 7, 2006
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See also: six-stringer (which is also related to comb overs)
those inbred white trash kids who were harassing that fey guy were both sporting crustaches - go figure
by Stan the Man December 12, 2004
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The hair growing on the face of a woman that stands out, giving her a manly appearance.
That bitch needs to shave, she's got a crustache.
by peckahead October 19, 2003
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